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Melett Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes

New Part Numbers - Now Available
Melett Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes

Identification of the gearbox is made using the G number, which can be found on the side of the gearbox. Some G numbers have been superseded and are interchangeable, please see below the current part numbers available from Melett:

Turbo Number Gearbox Number Melett Gearbox Number Turbo Number Gearbox Number Melett Gearbox Number
727461-0003 G-107 Log in 752610-0032 G-48 Log in
727463-0001 G-108 Log in 753544-0017 G-32 Log in
727463-0002 G-108 Log in 753544-0020 G-50 Log in
727463-0003 G-108 Log in 757608-0001 G-219 Log in
727463-0004 G-186 Log in 758226-0002 G-221 Log in
728680-0001-15 G-221 Log in 758226-0004 G-221 Log in
728680-0020 G-221 Log in 758226-0008 G-221 Log in
731877-0001 G-206 Log in 758226-0010 G-221 Log in
731877-0004 G-206 Log in 758226-0014 G-221 Log in
731877-0009 G-206 Log in 761154-0003-4 G-277 Log in
736088-0003 G-186 Log in 762965-0001 G-206 Log in
736088-0006 G-186 Log in 762965-0017 G-206 Log in
742693-0018 G-107 Log in 763647-0019 G-45 Log in
742730-0001 G-125 Log in 763647-0021 G-32 Log in
742730-0003 G-285 Log in 764381-0002 G-285 Log in
742730-0004 G-285 Log in 764809-0004 G-88 Log in
742730-0007 G-285 Log in 765155-0004 G-277 Log in
742730-0013 G-285 Log in 765155-0007-8 G-277 Log in
742730-0015 G-285 Log in 765156-0004 G-001 Log in
742730-0018-19 G-285 Log in 769674-0003 G-125 Log in
743507-0009 G-219 Log in 762965-0017 G-206 Log in
750080-0001 G-125 Log in 770895-0007-8 G-001 Log in
750773-0018 G-107 Log in 777318-0001-2 G-001 Log in
750952-0001 G-138 Log in 781743-0001 G-001 Log in
750952-0004 G-138 Log in 781743-0003 G-001 Log in
750952-0007 G-138 Log in 786880-0006 G-59 Log in
750952-0010 G-138 Log in 787556-0016-17 G-74 Log in
750952-0013 G-138 Log in 798128-0002 G-77 Log in
750952-0014 G-138 Log in 798129-0004 G-77 Log in
750952-0017 G-138 Log in 798129-0006 G-77 Log in
752610-0010 G-34 Log in 798166-0002 G-74 Log in
752610-0015 G-34 Log in 800089-0001 G-001 Log in
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View PDF version

Why choose Melett Actuator Gearboxes?

  • Developed using the original quality components, including:
    - The original motor;
    - Plastic worm gear - manufactured from the same high quality plastic as used in the original gear box (imported from Germany);
    - Melett lever arm pin – produced with a special surface hardened finish to assist longer life;
  • Continuously developing our range of actuator gearboxes;
  • One supplier for all your turbocharger component requirements.

For further information please contact Melett sales: T: +44 (0)1226 320939 |

NB: The plastic black top, which contains the electronic control unit, is not supplied with the gear box.
NB: The plastic black top, which contains the electronic control unit, is not supplied with the gear box.

To replace the gearbox, simply remove the clips and the black plastic cover, which contains the control unit. Place the control unit on to the new Melett gearbox and reattach the clips.

When you fit the electronic actuator back onto the turbo, re-test the actuator to make sure it is working correctly using an electronic actuator tester.

To further enhance the quality of a remanufactured turbo, the complete turbo should then be flowed through an ‘air flow rig’ which ensures that the minimum vane flow settings meet with the OE specification of a new unit. The actuator can then also be tested in conjunction with the min and max air flow test which provides a report to support the quality process of remanufacture.


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