Electronic Actuator Repair Kits

Why choose Melett actuator repair kits?

Developed using OE quality components, our electronic actuator repair kits provide a cost-effective, yet quality alternative to an actuator gearbox assembly.

Melett's electronic actuator repair kits offer a cost effective quality repair solution
Melett part no: 1850-300-750

Suitable for all variants of the Garrett/Hella electronic actuators

More Information:
Kit Includes:

  • The original motor & motor choke assembly – *Melett’s assembly is spot welded to prevent vibration or temperature failure
  • Plastic worm gear – manufactured from the same high quality plastic used in the original gearbox (imported and only available from Germany)
  • Motor screw cap & motor screw
  • Worm gear spacers
  • Worm gear axle

*The motor and motor choke are spot welded together – this is important as many repairers will solder the damaged connection between the two parts. Soldering is not suitable for the engine environment and will eventually crack due to the expansion and contraction in changing temperatures. This combined with engine bay vibrations can result in immediate failure of the repair.

Please Note: The motor and worm gear in this kit are designed to work together to achieve the correct gear ratio. They are based upon the later gear ratio design and therefore, if used individually they are not interchangeable with other gear designs. The actuator will not function properly with the wrong gear ratio.

Melett's electronic actuator repair kits offer a cost effective quality repair solution


Melett part no: 1851-300-750

Suitable for 49335-001**/5**/6** Mid connector MHI/Hella electronic Actuators

More Information:
Kit Includes:

  • Motor & motor gear
  • Brass worm gear – with improved design, making it more resistant to wear
  • Worm gear spacers
  • Worm gear shaft
  • Front and rear motor brackets

Factors to consider:

  • Generally, electronic actuators fail when the VNT mechanism seizes due to carbon build up in the VNT. This overloads the motor and worm gear;
  • This increased load can cause the motor to burn out due to power overload and can also lead to worm gear failure;
  • Due to the nature of electronic components it can often be difficult to determine the condition of the motor and worm gear individually – they could both be close to failure;
  • The CIPOS gear, which is welded to the actuator lever arm, tends to fail less and therefore a repair using a Melett kit is possible.

For a 100% quality repair Melett continues to recommend replacing the complete gearbox, however, we do recognise there is a need for a more cost-effective quality repair solution. If you are going to repair the actuator, we strongly recommend you replace the whole motor assembly and worm gear together to avoid premature failure.

NB: Melett repair kits can be used on all variants of the Garrett/Hella electronic actuators.

For further information please contact Melett sales: T: +44 (0)1226 320939 | [email protected].